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Accreditation and Indexing

The In dependent Journ al of Teaching and Learning is accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHE T) in South Africa and appears on the DHET List of Accredited Journals.  

The Journal is indexed by:

  • Sabinet:

  • Sabinet ePublications in the Education, Social Sciences and Humanities Collections – Open access

  • The African Journal Archive

  • The Independent Institute of Education Institutional Repository 

Focus and Scope


The Independent Journal of Teaching and Learning (The IJTL) is an education-focused journal, aimed at making a difference to educators at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Providing a scholarly forum for academics and education practitioners to share research on teaching and learning. It publishes original contributions of interest to researchers and practitioners in the field of education.


The IJTL is intended to be a resource for education practitioners and researchers as it aims to provide useful, research based resources and provide a scholarly forum for academics and education practitioners to share in research on educational practices and teaching and learning at various levels.


The following contributions are considered for publication:

  • Research-based empirical, reflective or synoptic articles that would be of interest to  education practitioners;

  • Review articles that critically examine research carried out in a specific field;

  • Discussion or advocacy papers suitable for publication, articles for publication in a section entitled practitioners corner;

  • Book reviews that comprise a clear and concise evaluation of recently published books.

The journal accepts Doctoral Abstracts, which include the link to the full text thesis from researchers that have graduated with a PhD/Doctorate in Education in the last two years. These are not peer reviewed and are published in a separate section of the journal.

The journal focuses on education as a discipline, however, articles that focus on education as a discipline, that may be applied or manifest in a range of disciplines are welcomed.


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Contribution to the Research Community


Peer reviewed academic writing is a key pillar for the establishment of a research culture in an institution and research community. It is a key process related to protecting and enhancing the credibility of research findings.  The Independent Journal of Teaching and Learning (The IJTL) adds value to the research community and more specifically those in the field of education, as well as lecturers and teachers in various disciplines, by providing a focused medium for academic writing in the field of education generally, but with an emphasis on teaching and learning. The IJTL accepts articles from the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, thus providing output across the education sector to multiple practitioners. The journal contributes various articles that have an emphasis on application and can thus be utilised as best practice or as a stimulus for developing further innovative teaching and learning methods.


Furthermore, The IJTL provides perspectives from both independently owned and public education institutions at the primary, secondary and tertiary education levels.  Given the growth of this education sector and the increasing synergy between it and the public education sector, this has become an important area to consider.


To this end, over the publication history, The IJTL has had articles that have spanned the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors. This focus on teaching and learning is imperative for research in South Africa, and contributes to both the local and international trends of a focus on teaching and learning in multiple contexts. The research published in The IJTL strongly aligns with both governmental and quasi-governmental institutions' priorities of ensuring that teaching and learning practice is researched, tried, tested, and shared. Furthermore, it is important to deal with the issues associated with teaching and learning, such as quality assurance, institutional strategy, and the like. These have a direct impact on the teaching and learning agenda of the institution and thereby the quality of the learning experience for learners and students. Therefore, The IJTL contributes to the entire field of education at varied levels and not only to the research community and education institutions, but to education practitioners and aligns with national and international agendas.


Editor l Team

Editor-in-Chief Professor Dolina Dowling BA; Dip Ed; Dip Sp Ed; s; MA; PhD

Managing Editor Dr. Brenda Van Wyk BA Social Science; BBibl; BBibl(Hons); MInf; Ph.D.

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Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Carmel McNaught BSc (Hons); Dip Ed; MEd; PhD

Professor Andile Mji BSc; HDE; MEd; DEd

Professor Michael Glencross BSc; PGCE; d; BSC (Hons); MPhil; DPhil

Dr. Felicity Coughlan  BSc (Hons) Social Work; B SocSc (Hons) Psychology; MSc; DPhil

Dr. Gillian Mooney: BA Psych; BHons Psych; Masters Psych, PhD

Dr. Wafa Al-Mansoori: BSc, Electrical Engineering; Masters Electrical Engineering; PhD. 

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